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Voluntary Protection Programs (VPP)
promote effective work, site-based safety and health. Ferguson has achieved a star rating for maintaining safe and healthy work sites.
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Southern Illinois Railcar

Architect: Ferguson Construction Company
Owner: Southern Illinois Railcar

Constructing a new facility on an EPA designated “impacted site” created a new opportunity for Ferguson Construction Company in Cairo, Ohio to construct a building on an EPA monitored site. The project is a new 27,000 square foot railcar repair facility for Southern Illinois Railcar (SIRC) a subsidiary of Sumitomo Corporation of America. The project was a design-build project and custom designed to handle the railcars moving in and out of the building for repair.

The project site was an active fertilizer plant for many years prior to the purchase of the site by SIRC. The EPA discovered elevated levels of Ammonia during a procedural call to the site in an unrelated incident. Ammonia itself is not designated a hazardous material but can be harmful to humans and impact storm water run off when concentrations exceed certain levels.

This project is significant due to it being our first project on an actively monitored EPA site. Through the EPA specific site requirements and standard operating procedures monitored by several site supervisors, Ferguson has successfully adopted to new rules, regulations, design requirements and specialized training in order to perform the construction.

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